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Our Mission

We empower Quantum Technologies’ global transformation with strategic startup investments and collaborative ecosystem building.

The QAI Ventures Team

QAI Ventures Manifesto

Champion the Visionary

We're not just here to fund. We exist to propel Quantum Startups from developing ideas to revolutionary market presences.

Go Beyond Investment

It's not about mere financial involvement. It's about being deeply entrenched in the journey, the successes, and the failures.

Embrace the Quantum Shift

Our eyes are set on the Quantum horizon. We seek to pioneer the Quantum technological transformation in every step and decision.

Nurture the Human Element

Above all, we value people. Their talent, their drive, their diversity. They are the heart of innovation.

Together, We Achieve More

Collaboration is our strength. Together with QuantumBasel and our global community, we believe in creating synergies that push boundaries.

Empower to Elevate

Our accelerator programs, funds, and ecosystems are more than just offerings. They're tools we provide to empower Startups to transcend their limits.

Commit Wholeheartedly

Our dedication isn't just to the projects but to the people behind them. We stand by them with resources, guidance, and unwavering support.

Champion Authenticity

Honesty, integrity, and transparency aren't just words to us. They define our interactions, fostering trust and mutual respect.

Resilience is Our Mantra

Every hiccup, every stumble is a stepping stone. We believe in the power of bouncing back, stronger and more focused.

Promoting a Healthier Tomorrow

It's not about fleeting successes. We're here for the long haul, to build companies that leave a lasting, positive imprint on the world.

In partnership and passion, we pledge to make every Quantum leap count. Join us in crafting the Quantum future!

Our Values


Belief in the collective effort of individuals and organizations to achieve technological advancement.


Providing resources, support, and an ecosystem for Startups to flourish and bring their ideas to life.


A promise to invest and be deeply involved, ensuring Startups have what they need for success.


Upholding honesty and ethical principles in all interactions and expecting the same from partners.


Recognizing that failure might be a part of the journey, but the ability to bounce back defines success.


We search for and invest in the game changers.


Prioritizing talent and team dynamics, believing that human capital is crucial for success.


Emphasizing openness in actions and intentions, ensuring mutual trust with partners, founders, and investors.


A commitment to long-term growth and development over quick returns, building companies with a lasting impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

The belief that varied perspectives and inclusivity drive innovation, ensuring better solutions and stronger companies.

Life-long Curiosity

Dedicating ourselves to progress by continuously learning and influencing positive change.