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The Quantum Fund

QAI Ventures has teamed up with Redstone to launch a Venture Capital Fund dedicated to the potential of Quantum Computing.

Through our close connection with QuantumBasel and our partners, we connect our portfolio companies to our global network of commercial industry players, financial co-investors, and other strategic partners.

We drive progress by supporting genuinely disruptive quantum technologies and making them commercially viable.

The Redstone team behind the fund relies on a proven track record in venture capital, accelerating and developing companies, positioning them to excel throughout the entire value chain of high-growth quantum tech firms.

Investment Team

Marco Stutz

Investment Director

**Marco Stutz**, Investment Director

Chiara Decaroli

Investment Manager

Chiara Decaroli, Investment Manager

Our Quantum Approach

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to perform complex calculations at unprecedented speed. A single quantum computer has the potential to outperform the world's fastest supercomputer, offering new avenues for research and development in areas such as cryptography, materials science, and drug discovery.

Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensing technologies exploit quantum phenomena to achieve high-precision measurements in various fields, such as navigation, imaging, and medical diagnostics. Quantum sensors can achieve up to 1,000 times better sensitivity than classical sensors, highlighting the potential impact of quantum sensing technologies on diverse industries.

Quantum Communications

Quantum communication systems enhance security and privacy in data transmission through quantum key distribution and quantum entanglement. The use of quantum communications can improve the security of information transfer by orders of magnitude compared to classical methods, addressing growing concerns over cyber threats and data breaches.

Advanced AI/ML Applications

Companies that use AI/Advanced ML to solve industry-specific problems have the potential to be leveraged by quantum technologies in the future. Example use cases are the development of digital twins, in-silico-trials, design tools, or AI chip development. Such startups have the potential to emerge as the next generation of quantum startups.

How We Invest

Industry: Quantum Technology & Advanced AI


Stage: Pre-seed to Series-A


Ticket size: CHF 500k - 2M


Investor Role: Lead and Co-lead


Geographic Focus: Global