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The Accelerator

Are you a Quantum innovator?

As a Quantum Technology and Advanced Artificial Intelligence Accelerator, we provide startups with the necessary resources to succeed and build thriving businesses.

JOIN OUR ACCELERATOR PROGRAM and access our unique ecosystem, services, and investment.

The next Accelerator Cohort will start in April 2024.
If you are a Quantum Startup interested in joining us, please submit your application before December 31st, 2023.

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Startup Benefits


Access to State-of-the-Art Quantum Hardware and Services

Access to advanced Computers (Quantum, Q-simulation, CPU, Data storage).
Access and Support to work with Q-Frameworks.
Support in QC Application Development.


Acceleration program with individually tailored mentoring

With our handpicked global expert mentors, you will develop an individualized program to get the best possible value within 1:1 coaching.


CHF 200,000

Receive CHF 100,000 in cash and CHF 100,000 in kind.


Shared desks at Quantum Basel

We know you will want to be here, in the heart of our ecosystem!
Your free shared desk is booked for you for 12 months after the start of the program.


Connection to our corporate and academic partners

Be it customer relationships or project partnerships, you get the best value from our network.
You will have access to significant Quantum players globally, enabling you to leverage the "superposition and entanglement" of our ecosystem.

A unique program for ambitious founders!

The 5-month program includes four weeks on-site in Basel, Switzerland.

See here the Quantum Startups that graduated from our first cohort!


Our Services

The Accelerator

Our Startup Accelerator is a unique program tailored to support entrepreneurs and innovators who want to shape the future of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence. We provide startups in the Quantum space with a unique opportunity for collaboration, access to cutting-edge technology, expert advice, and mentorship from industry leaders.

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The Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is one of the critical elements of our program, bringing together a wide range of global experts from industry and academia. This network provides direct access to resources, connections, and knowledge in Quantum Computing, enabling them to accelerate their growth and development.

The Investment

Our Accelerator program invests up to CHF 200,000 (cash and in-kind) in each selected startup. This early-stage funding gives startups the support they need to focus on building their business, safe with the knowledge that they have the financial backing of experienced investors.

Our Partners

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